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Mellius is an international company specializing in facilitating the establishment of companies and various legal entities around the world, including foundations, trusts and partnerships. 

Mellius stands out thanks to our high level of professionalism and exceptional service, as well as our ability to provide clients tailor-made solutions for their needs. This unique ability is due to the company’s in-depth expertise in international business registration policies and our professional staff’s knowledge of international law in the various regions of the world.

We focus on high-quality, effective and creative solutions to help establish legal entities around the world while coordinating between various types of activities, clients profile, area of activity and additional factors.

Mellius employs attorneys and accountants with a great deal of experience in the international world of business, supplying clients with current and comprehensive counsel.


The company name originates from the Latin term “MELLIUS” – meaning “Better”.

This name reflects our company vision. We strive to do everything better.

We believe that the fulfillment of this vision must be founded on the very highest standards of professionalism, know-how and the provision of personalized services while always maintaining our credibility and integrity so that we can produce the best financial benefits for each of our clients.

Mellius strives to lead the field, helping clients establish businesses and constituting a significant force in the international market. To do so, we hold to new standards of excellence, professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. 


You can set a meeting with an attorney by phone No. +972 3 6030021, or by filling a contact form.