Establishing a Company in Nevada

The desert state of Nevada in the western United States is mostly recognized for being home of gambling and entertainment, the city of Las Vegas. Nevada (NV) is located in the United States' southwest and shares borders with the states of Idaho and Oregon to the north, Utah and Arizona to the east Utah to the east, Arizona to the southeast> and with California to the south and the west. Nevada's population stands at roughly 3 million residents. Las Vegas is the state's largest city and its capital is Carson City. Owing to a particularly convenient and inviting taxation and regulatory system, establishing a company in Nevada is considered to be one of the most popular options for companies looking to gain entry into the US market.

The name "Nevada" is taken from the Spanish language and means "snow-covered". It is an abbreviation of the name of the mountain range that borders on the state, the Sierra Nevada or "snowy mountains". The majority of Nevada's terrain is arid desert and to the west of the state you will find the aforementioned mountain range and the famous Lake Tahoe. The state of Nevada was officially annexed by the United States in 1884 after the United States victory over Mexico in the war between the countries.

  • Despite its reputation as a tourist destination for gambling and luxury hotels in the heart of the desert, Nevada is also known for the gold and silver mines within its borders. Nevada is the world's fourth largest producer of gold.
  • In 2012, Nevada became the first state in the US to issue licenses for autonomous cars that "drive themselves". The first license was issued to the Silicon Valley search giant, Google, for its grandiose and ambitious autonomous vehicle project.
  • Nevada has a bizarre law that forbids men with mustaches to kiss women. The law, of course, is not enforced. Other amusing laws include a ban on riding camels on highways, pedestrians in the Elko district are required to wear masks and it is "permitted" to hang a person who shoots your dog on your own private property.

Nevada’s economy relies heavily on it’s massive tourism industry, with an emphasis on the Las Vegas “Strip”, which is home to some of the world’s largest and most lavish hotels and casinos. The state’s economy is also partially based on agriculture industry, where Nevada exports agricultural products that include cattle, hay, milk and milk products and potatoes. Many entrepreneurs display interest in Nevada so that they might be in proximity and have access to local industry and to benefit from the various incentives offered by the state.

Nevada offers comfortable, inviting and attractive settings for companies' incorporation and corporate activity. Nevada is considered to be highly business friendly to entrepreneurs and international companies wishing to register within the state and enter the US marketplace.

Mellius provides its clients with the option of incorporation through the establishment of a company in Nevada and offers them convenient and effective local legal infrastructure.


Type of company


Relevant Companies Law

Chapter 78 of the Nevada Revised Statutes of the U.S. state of Nevada


Businesses are required to provide the authorities with the address of a local office.

Language of original incorporation documents


Finance and Taxation


US Dollar (USD)

Corporate tax rate


Standard share capital

Not relevant (the correct legal term is “units” and not “shares”).

Office Holders

Company Secretary (Secretary)

Obligation to appoint company secretary

Not required

Obligation to appoint local secretary

Not required

Type of entity that may function as company secretary



Obligation to appoint company director

Required (the legal term is “Manager” and not “Director”)

Obligation to appoint local company director

Not required

Minimum number of directors


Type of entity that may serve as company director



Obligation to register shareholders


Obligation to register local shareholders

Not required

Minimum number of shareholders


Type of entity that may register as shareholder


Type of shares


Accessibility of Information

Company registrar

Information regarding company title holders is not publicly accessible.

Annual Assembly and Reporting

Obligation to hold annual assembly

Not required

Obligation to prepare financial reports


Obligation to submit financial reports


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