AML (Anti-Money Laundering) refers to the overall set of policies, laws, and regulations for the prevention of financial crimes. Though AML laws cover a limited range of transactions and criminal behaviors, their implications are far-reaching, thus warranting careful consideration. Complying with AML regulations is often a complicated process, especially when your operations are international and cross multiple jurisdictions, as each country has different AML policies and laws. The latter requires that you follow local AML regulations in any jurisdiction in which you do business.

Understanding, complying with, and keeping abreast of changes in AML regulations can be cumbersome and time consuming. At Mellius, our team of attorneys, accountants, and international business specialists are closely familiar with the ins and outs of AML regulations, on both the local and global levels, and will ensure that your AML compliance policies and procedures leave no room for exposure.

Mellius' network of specialists, highly proficient at managing KYC requirements, have allowed us to form a responsive, fast acting, and well-organized service, aimed to help our clients manage their legal risks and reputation by screening for potentially exposed persons (PEPs), sanctions by conducting adverse media checks, and more.​

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