Establishing a company in Oregon

Oregon is the 9th largest U.S. state in area, located in the Northwest along the Pacific Ocean. It borders on Washington to the north, Idaho to the east, Nevada in the southwest and California in the south. Due to its location, the Western settlement of Oregon began later than other parts of America. The autonomous state of Oregon was founded in 1848, and it became part of the U.S. in 1859. Its capital is Salem, but the most populated and central city, culturally and economically, is Portland. 

Geographically speaking, Oregon offers a great variety of landscapes, beginning with the long stretch of Pacific coastline, through volcanic areas with glacial activity, to waterfalls and a variety of deciduous and evergreen forests. In its eastern regions the state also contains an elevated desert terrain. Climate in Oregon is influenced by the nearby Pacific Ocean, and although most months are mild, there are extreme heat waves in summer and bitterly cold temperatures, including torrential rains, in the winter seasons. The desert regions to the east are dry. Oregon currently has 4 million residents, with over half living in Portland.

  • The people of Oregon love their beer, and the state offers an endless number of breweries, some industrial and others small, boutique beer producers. The city of Portland contains the highest concentration of breweries in the world.  
  • Oregon houses the biggest organism in the world – a large mushroom belonging to the Armillaria species spanning no less than 9 km² and estimated to be over 2,000 years old.
  • Matt Groening, creator of the timeless show “The Simpsons”, was born and raised in Oregon, and included many references to the city in his show.
  • Two companies, the conglomerates Intel and test and measurement equipment manufacturer Tektronix, employ an enormous number of professionals and their development centers and plants are based in Oregon. This has led to the development of the area, with more and more technological and startup companies flocking to the state, and it now boasts the “Silicon Forest”.
  • The main headquarters of sports fashion giant Nike is located in Oregon, close to the city of Portland. Surprisingly, the American management building of sport and fashion conglomerate Adidas is also located in the state, also outside Portland.

The economy of Oregon is incredibly diverse, including several important sectors that contribute to state income and create jobs. GDP is estimated at 169 billion USD, and per capita income is 44,500 USD. The agricultural sector is particularly significant, producing hazelnuts, wine grapes, berries, eggs and wheat, beef, poultry, mutton and also a substantial milk industry. The state also has a large lumber industry thanks to its many forests, but this has declined rapidly due to economic and environmental factors. Oregon also has the most successful salmon fishing industry in the world.

The state offers a wide range of national parks and tourist attractions, as well as a significant tourism sector that contributes greatly to its economy. The technology sector also constitutes a leading source of revenue and jobs, primarily in aforementioned mega-companies, such as Intel and Tektronix, and many others. In terms of establishing an offshore business there, Oregon offers very low corporate tax rates and does not require a sales tax on retail goods. Personal income tax is relatively high in comparison to the U.S. average.


Type of company


Relevant Companies Law

The Oregon Private Corporations Law


Oregon law requires companies to provide a local office address

Language of original incorporation documents


Finance and Taxation



Corporate tax rate

0% - On the condition that company owners are not residents, do not conduct business in the U.S., and have no sources of income from within the U.S.

Standard share capital

Not relevant

Office Holders

Company Secretary (Secretary)

Obligation to appoint company secretary

Not required

Obligation to appoint local secretary


Type of entity that may function as company secretary



Obligation to appoint company director

Required (called “manager” – not “director”)

Obligation to appoint local company director

Not required

Minimum number of directors


Type of entity that may serve as company director



Obligation to register shareholders

Required (called “members” – not “shareholders”)

Obligation to register local shareholders


Minimum number of shareholders


Type of entity that may register as shareholder

Individual and/or company

Type of shares


Accessibility of Information

Company registrar

Information regarding office holders accessible to the public

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