Establishing a company in the Bahamas

The Bahamas are in fact an archipelago that includes over 3,000 islands, reefs and islets located in the Atlantic Ocean, southeast of Florida and to the north of Cuba. Its total area is around 13,000 km2, and despite the large number of islands and reefs, the majority of the population is centered on only twenty islands. The official language is English and the major religion is Christianity. The banking system is extremely advanced and allows foreign companies to conduct business there. The country gained its independence in 1973.

The Bahamas enjoy a subtropical to tropical climate, alleviated by the cooling breezes of the Gulf Stream. Temperatures do not drop below 0°C but can go as low as 2°-3°C, and every few years the islands suffer a particularly harsh hurricane season. Most of the Bahamas are low, flat islands, almost none elevated beyond 15m above sea level. The highest point is Mount Alvernia on Cat Island, with an altitude of no more than 63m.

  • Much of the film “Thunderball” (1965), the fourth spy film in the James Bond series, was shot in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas.
  • The College of the Bahamas offers academic degrees, includes three campuses, a research centre and is now undergoing the accreditation process to become a university.
  • Despite the islands’ warm climate, during January of 1977 the islands experienced some snow (the Miami area was also snowed at the time).

The islands exist primarily on a highly developed tourism sector, constituting roughly half of their GNP and providing for about 60% of jobs for residents, and a financial services sector. The country encourages offshore company establishment through attractive tax policies.

As stated, foreign companies registering in the Bahamas enjoy 0% corporate tax, no requirement of submitting annual reports, and company confidentiality, apart from names of company directors and shareholders.


Type of company

IBC – International Business Corporation

Relevant Companies Law

International Business Companies (Amendment) Act 2004


Local law requires companies to provide a local office address

Language of original incorporation documents


Finance and Taxation


Bahamian dollar (BSD)

Corporate tax rate


Standard share capital

50,000 USD in nominal value shares of 1 USD

Office Holders

Company Secretary (Secretary)

Obligation to appoint company secretary

Not required – companies may choose to appoint their own secretary

Obligation to appoint local secretary

Not required

Type of entity that may function as company secretary

Individual and/or company


Obligation to appoint company director


Obligation to appoint local company director

Not required

Minimum number of directors


Type of entity that may serve as company director

Individual and/or company


Obligation to register shareholders


Obligation to register local shareholders


Minimum number of shareholders


Type of entity that may register as shareholder

יחיד ו/או חברה

Type of shares

Registered shares

Accessibility of Information

Company registrar

Information regarding office holders is not accessible to the public

Annual Assembly and Reporting

Obligation to hold annual assembly

Not required

Obligation to prepare financial reports


Obligation to submit financial reports

Not required

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