Today, in the age of a global economy not limited by national borders, many companies and entrepreneurs view expansion into international markets as a primary growth engine.

Whatever the ultimate ubjective, be it capturing greater market share through exposure to new client bases, gaining a competetive advantage or specific business needs, such growth process entails an assortment of challenges. 

Companies and entrepreneurs are forced to contend with unfamiliar business surroundings; from varying local regulatory environments, working with foreign banking systems, complying with regional accounting practices, to renting local offices and recruiting employees. 

Mellius is a leading international company specializing in facilitating the establishment of legal entities in over 100 countries around the globe.

Mellius provides its clients with a comprehensive set of services that empowers companies and entrepreneurs to capatilize on global opportunities, to penetrate new markets and to enhance their companies' business potential.

From establishing companies and partnerships to forming investment and venture capital funds, from opening bank accounts to providing accounting services, we are here to make a complex world simpler for our clients and to help them build the best necessary infrastructure for their global activities. 

Our well-versed team consists of attorneys, accountants and banking experts, focused on providing professional personalized service to meet the specific needs of each and every client of ours.


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