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Establishing a company in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island west of Syria, south of Turkey and northwest of Israel. It has been the site of constant battle for control since the days of antiquity and up to the 1970s, recently resulting in its division between Turkey and Greece. Each territory has its own government and reigning president. Currently the political situation is stable; its legal system is primarily British, official languages are Greek and Turkish respectively, and many of its legal documentation is rendered in English (making it easier for foreign companies to register there).

Cyprus enjoys moderate weather 300 days a year; in summers the mid-island areas can reach 38°C. It has two mountain ranges –Kyrenia along the island’s northern coast and the Troodos which boasts the highest elevation of Mount Olympus (1952m). Between these ranges lies a fertile valley used for agriculture.

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Three things you did not know about Cyprus:

  • It is only 250 km north of Israel (45 minute flight).
  • The Cyprian Tourism Department manages marketing campaigns in many locations to encourage tourism, including Russia, Germany and many Arab states. Millions of euros are invested in this enterprise.
  • Natural gas deposits have recently been discovered on the island, allowing Cyprus to export large quantities of gas to Europe and provide a stable revenue source for years to come.

Cyprus Economy

Cyprus is part of the eurozone and its economy is based on private entrepreneurship with the role of the government merely to regulate and provide public services. Tourism contributes substantially with 2.4 million visitors each year, bringing in 5 billion euro to the island economy and employing over 120,000 local workers.

Cyprus boasts an advanced banking system and modern transportation infrastructure, making it a popular destination for offshore companies.

Offshore companies in Cyprus are subject to certain restrictions: they may not deal in banking, insurance or financial services unless specifically authorized to do so. Also, they may not trade with certified locals or other local businesses.

The process of registering there is extremely quick (average of 22 days), the corporate tax rate is 12.5%, and shareholder information may be kept confidential by working through trustees.

Additional information about establishing companies in Cyprus:

Type of company
IBC – International Business Company
Relevant Companies Law
Cyprus Companies Law, Cap.113
Law requires companies to provide a local office address
Language of original incorporation documents
English and Greek
Finance and Taxation
Corporate tax rate
Standard share capital
5,000 EUR
Office Holders
Obligation to appoint company secretary
Obligation to appoint local secretary
Type of entity that may function as company secretary
Individual and/or company
Obligation to appoint company director
Obligation to appoint local company director
Required only in Resident companies
Minimum number of directors
Type of entity that may serve as company director
Individual and/or company
Obligation to register shareholders
Obligation to register local shareholders
Minimum number of shareholders
Type of entity that may register as shareholder
Individual and/or company
Type of shares
Registered shares
Accessibility of Information
Company registrar
Information regarding office holders accessible to the public
Annual Assembly and Reporting
Obligation to hold annual assembly
Required – may be in any location
Obligation to prepare financial reports
Obligation to submit financial reports